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TX Sales Associate License #0638402


What my Clients and Customers have to say...

Kerri is an absolute pro with a great demeanor. She constantly goes above and beyond for her clients. As sellers, Kerri made sure we understood everything and was quick to answer any questions and keep us informed. Our property was a complex property to sell and Kerri was able negotiate the best price possible. I am so thankful that we got to have her as our agent!!!

Gene and Jana Zajicek

Where do I start? Kerri is an amazing realtor and caring professional. Her knowledge acquired as a real-estate professional is profound. She has the amazing ability to simplify the leasing/purchasing process. This ability makes life decisions for those leasing or purchasing much less stressful and allows one to enjoy process of acquiring a new home. I encourage anyone looking to acquire a new home to reach out to Kerri.  

Beverly Tuck

Kerris absolutely amazing! She helped me and my fiancé to find our perfect home. We were very specific about our wants, needs, and location. As soon as this house hit the market, day1, she sent us the link to look at it. The very next day, day 2, we saw the property and put in a bid that same afternoon! Next day, day 3, it was off the market and the process started for us to buy our beautiful home! Within a month or so, we moved into our new home. Kerri, you are so awesome and we appreciate you so much! Thank you for helping us find this beautiful gem in the rough!

Skyler and Christina Simmons

 “It’s my biggest dream to own a home, but I don’t think it’ll ever happen, or at least no time soon!” That’s how my conversations went discussing purchasing a home. And how I felt when I first met Kerri! I can still remember the way she smirked and told me to give her a shot!! I was 3 days from signing a new lease for a super affordable 3 bedroom, and nervous about missing the opportunity to lock in that rate. But I gave her a shot!! She instantly connected me with someone she worked closely with and a week later I was opening an email with my pre approval!!! Next came house hunting!! I had experienced the process with friends in the past, and their realtors seemed pushy to close despite it not being what they wanted. - I went with them and was totally ignored. Obviously if my best friend is coming with, their opinion matters, or at least I assumed. I told her the things that were important to me and she was sure to point those things out specifically in each house. She respected that I wanted my daughters to be part of the whole journey, along with my schedule to view them. She included the girls opinions in everything. Despite them only being 6 and 8 years old! House hunting with Kerri felt like house hunting with a best friend!!! She was honest about things she liked and if I said something like “ oh that is too small” she agreed and we moved on. She showed excitement in the things I showed excitement for, and didn’t do the whole sales person pitch to make me like something. Instead she told me she wanted to make sure that I absolutely loved it and was happy!! When I finally found the one, we started all the paperwork. Kerri and her point of contact with the bank worked closely together. Kerri helped me with a lot of that process as well! Any questions I had any time day or night, she was there!!! Thennnnnn…. I saw they had started a stand up shower!! Something I absolutely did not want! Kerri immediately called them and got it changed to a tub!!! She also got it to where I was able to pick out ALL of my finishes!!! Colors, flooring, granite, bathroom tiles, appliance colors, even bathroom mirrors!! I’ve always heard of the home buying processes being super stressful!! Kerri made it the exact opposite!! She really made my daughters and I dream come true!!! She was like an Angel sent from God!! I would recommend her to EVERYONE!!!

Sariana Amadeo